GitHub/BitBucket w/ Unity

I was wonder if anyone has a good resource for how to set up unity with repos?



The subject of version control and GitHub is introduced in Unity Lecture 266. That is in the Twin Stick section, which is kind of a ways into the course.

Thanks for this info! I had always heard about GitHub in school and at my current job, but had never heard of Bitbucket - probably because GitHub offers free student accounts, and my employer pays for a GitHub account. :slight_smile:

I hadn’t got to lecture 266 and wanted to find out about Git a little while ago, as it happened there was a course on Udemy, it’s free, used partly as an introduction to other paid courses, but I have to say I found it was absolutely brilliant.

I have used outher source control solutions in the past but not Git. I found the information in this course was sufficient to get me up and running and the instructor was quick to answer a question I had regarding GitHub which led to me finding out about Bitbucket.

So as I said, whilst it’s not Unity specific, this is a very good introduction to Git and I’m certain it would get you up and running. It also provided a little checklist for the basics like creating a new repository and such. Hope this is of use.

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