Git client Fork asking for payment

Hey all, just a heads up in case you’ve recently seen the pop-up in Fork asking for a payment.

Apparently the feature was baked in 6+ months ago but has just started popping up for users.

According to the makers, they are not going to limit your usage in any way or stop you from using the client, if you choose to not pay.

However, they (husband/wife dev team) do want to ‘commit’ (ha-ha) themselves full time to Fork and so decided to start asking for the payment for a lifetime, 3 computers, usage fee per user.

This has been my number 1 client to recommend people to use, over Source Tree due to its bugginess, and over others like GitHub Desktop because it’s frankly awful :smiley:

I’ll still recommend it first and foremost, I’ll also be buying it on the company credit card because I do pay for software that is (IMO) fair and valuable to me, but since they won’t be forcing others to buy they still come as my first recommendation despite the occasional nag popup.