Git and Git Workflow Setup

I know you guys are trying to keep the learning curve down for right now. But don’t you think we should have covered branches at the very least? I went overboard setting up my project in git with milestones, issues, merge requests, tags, and branches; but at the very least, I think creating a development branch would be important to show here.

Git can be a pain to understand, but teaching some best practices early will make it easy for them later. I’m not even really a programmer, but I work in git daily, and when someone checks in something that isn’t in the right workflow format it always breaks my flow and I have to spend a bunch of time trying to figure out what they did instead of working. Anyway, I know this isn’t a git or VCS course, but I thought adding the concept of branches here was a good idea.

Hi Justin,

Thanks a lot for sharing your feedback. You are referring to the Unity 3D course, aren’t you? If so, the three lectures on git are a very brief introduction. Apart from these lectures, git does not play a big part in this course.

If you would like to dive deeper into Git and VSC, you could take a look at Ben’s new Git course: " Git Smart: Enjoy Git in Unity, SourceTree & GitHub".

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