GIMP Course is not complete and other problems

Hi guys, I found some videos endup abruptly, challenges are missing or there are videos with minutes of dark screen.


Hi gsalvatierra,

I apologise that this question has been overlooked.
I’ve done a quick scan of the course and i cant find any videos that are missing.

If you are still on our forums as i realize this is an extra-ordinary length of time for a reply could you please let me know the lecture you had trouble with.

As its probably very dated by now the course needs some attention

Hi @Marc_Carlyon,

Thanks for reaching out, after a quick review I came up with this list:

Character Sketch section:
Presence Through Use Of Perspective - ends abruptly
Exploration Through Studies - complete but has minutes of dark screen
Study Of The Head - ends abruptly
Study Of The Eyes Challenge - ends abruptly

Bonus: Tiling Textures section
Colour Channels - ends abruptly
Layer Math Modes - ends abruptly
Tiling Textures Introduction - ends abruptly
Quick Win Tiling Textures - ends abruptly
Tiling Textures Wrap Up - complete but has minutes of dark screen

Also last video mentions a “next section” but is actually the end of the course.

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Thanks a bunch that is super helpful! I was hoping for a rough pointer but this is brilliant thank-you!
I’ve highlighted it to the team as it may be a case that something ate the end of the videos and we can reupload to replace them.

I’ve also highlighted that the course does need some love too :slight_smile:

That would be great, thanks Marc!

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