Giant Spinner of Death: Obstacle course

Finishing off the year 2023, I decided to try something a little bit new and simple to see how far I come, I made a simple little obstacle course to see if I was missing anything that I already should have learned and improved with making mechanics before making more complex mechanics and design in games.

For the first time, I decided to simply use Cinemachine to test out the smooth virtual camera to follow the player.

The goal of this game is to reach the goal while avoiding obstacles as much as you can before time runs out. Don’t collide too many obstacles, or you lose!

I did the best I could to not overload the player with so many obstacles at a time, otherwise, it would be overwhelming and difficult for them to dodge the obstacles.

I needed to make sure the was enough room for the player to move around and dodge obstacles, especially the dropped obstacles which I intentionally put close to walls so the player can navigate around them a little easier after being dropped. The giant spinner of death I wanted to be the main threat to the player so the player is forced to keep their eyes on it at all times otherwise it will collide with the player and knock them towards another wall or obstacle.

I put a timer in the game to challenge the player to get to the end goal in time before it runs out. It would be a little too easy and not as challenging for the player if there was no timer since they could just wait a long time before all obstacles are dropped and go slow and steady around obstacles.

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