Getting there... chess scene setup

Almost done… just couple of lessons remaining in the section…


I like it very much, it’s a good composition of lights and colors.
But also a bit strange chess set, white vs brass. Shiny vs flat surface.
But it doesn’t hurt the image. Good job.

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Thank you!

I wanted to do something more than just tagging along with lectures, so I was aiming for recreating this chess set: and combining it with the ones based on the course. I still have to work on brass knight to make the horseshoe more aligned with the reference, but I was planning to do it in the textures, without adding extra geometry. I have to learn to do it first though :smiley:

The combination is a bit strange, but there is something cool about the contrast (modern vs classic / metal vs wood / high vs low poly).

I’m glad you like the lighting. It’s 3 spotlights + 2 area lights (toned down in the first image, below is “original” design that I have to still tweak) + HDRI.

Lighting it took a long time to do, and I learnt a lot about lighting and color. Still I’m not fully satisfied with it. There are a few areas that are overexposed, too bright and some which are way too dark. But aside from this there is something in the lighting of that scene that I have hard time naming/grasping that bugs me there… so any pointers how to light the scene better would be appreciated.


For me lighting is also very difficult and mostly my last task in a project. I don’t give it much attention, which is bad. But at that point, renders are slowing down. Tweak light and wait on render, not much fun …

Blender guru on the internet, picks the main light. Sets the value to max, meaning not exactly white (#FFFFFF) on the most brightest spots. Than adding lights for darkness, shadow etc.

maybe it helps.

Have fun!


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