Getting online textures... ummmmm

Decided to try and make my own from some old photos I had lying around, just to see if I could. I know there is a LOT wrong with this image, but its a start and I like the roughness of the bricks


Yes It is good to make the texture as well! Tiling them is usually the problem.
Look up Materialize free program for making textures.


Thanks for the tip. doing it now

took your advice

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Still needs some thinking about but you are getting the idea. UVs control the orientation of the bricks per face, more coming on that I think depending where you are in the course.

been experimenting. with artistic photography the last thing you want is a straight-on, flatly lit shot. whereas

for textures that seems preferable. took more time matching the corners on this one I took today

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Much better. Yes you want overcast no shadows square on views especially with brick lines being so straight to deal with.