Getting loads of Unreal crashes



I am not entirely sure what is going on, but I get loads of Unreal crashes lately. I was on 4.19.2 and have just downloaded and installed 4.21
I migrated my project to 4.21 and then noticed random crashes. for example after building the lighting or when opening the “Window” menu.
After a few attempts I thought it might be the new build, so I reverted back to my state before the build switch and now my project is at 4.19.2 again.
However I get the same crashes happening now there too.

I hope Epic gets back to me, as I have sent them the crash report, but it seems pretty significant, if it crashes upon opening a menu or building the light.

Maybe something in my project is corrupt.
I will try rebuilding my project from scratch, although I was hoping that the version control takes care of that, but getting as well crashes on previous versions is heart breaking.

If anybody has an idea, please let me know.



I think the problem is related to power. If I have my power cable plugged into my machine I don’t get crashes, bt if I run on battery then I seem t be getting them.
I will need to find a configuration to be able to work without the power plugged in all the time.

If anybody has an idea, please share.

Am back on 4.21 and now at Lecture 68

Thank you