Getting GIMP with BIMP on macOS

Alright there are two ways to get BIMP setup on your Mac. If the easy way doesn’t work, then the harder way should.

The Easy Way:

Download the precompiled version of GIMP with BIMP here:

The Hard Way:

The above method worked on my brothers Mac but crashed on mine. However, compiling everything including GIMP from source worked great for me:

How to Install GIMP with BIMP from Source:

Install Xcode from the App Store

Install MacPorts: Macports

Download BIMP source from here: BIMP Source

Extract BIMP source (if it doesn’t extract automatically. I extracted to the Downloads folder)

Open Terminal and type this:

sudo nano /etc/paths

Add this to bottom of list:


Then push Ctrl + x then Ctrl + y

Restart Computer

Open terminal and type this:

sudo port install coreutils pcre

Enter this into terminal:


Enter this into terminal:

sudo port install gimp +quart

Add the “New Terminal at Folder” shortcuts to your Finder:

“System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts > Services. Look for “New Terminal at Folder” and “New Terminal Tab at Folder”.” Source

Open the folder where you extracted the BIMP source in the Terminal.

Type this into terminal

make && make install


make && sudo make install-admin

(to install for all users)

Launch GIMP and enjoy!

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