Getting Error w/ Visual Studios Not Able to Open "PositionReport.generated.h" Source File

Can anyone give me a clear solution to this. I have already tried closing Visual Studios and the Unreal Engine Editor, deleting the .vs, Binaries, Intermediate, and Saved folders and the .sln file within my project directory, regenerating Visual Studio project files, and rebuilding the BuildingEscape project before reopening the Unreal Engine Editor and the corresponding PositionReport class files.

I have the exact same problem, but with the TankPlayerController file!! Have you found a solution?

So it’s actually a VS problem. The code compiles just fine when using UE to compile. Apparently VS has never quite worked well with UE, so all compilation should be done in UE anyway. Code works, but VS kinda sucks!

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Yeah, I just found that out. Thank you for letting me know anyways.

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