Getting desperate

Getting pretty desperate on this, it’s been a couple of days since I tried Baking an Actual Texture but it does not come through.

Scale is applied, They have the same location but the baking is always horrible and not usable.
Anyone have an idea on whats going wrong ?


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Not sure, but is looks like you have two faces occupying the same space (bottom three faces

  • Did you try remove doubles
  • Remove UV-map(s) and try again.

I Hope that it will set you on the right path.

Some vertices were removed but the result is still the same :confused:


I tried with a simpler model and still got artifacts
Again, They are on the same position and the same scale

There is definetly something I am Missing on

Looks to me, something like a corrupt image bitmap.
Did you use the correct Blender cycles node setup for textures?
You can not switch between Blender render and Blender cycles. They use a different set up.

Or maybe memory problems? Do you render GPU or CPU?

I’m using the Cycles Render and rendering on CPU

Something’s not right, I followed every step Michael is doing in the Normal Baking Section and I have this

Where are the colours come from ?? I am deeply concerned about this section :sob::sob::sob:

plus Unplugging the node from ''UV to Vector ‘’ between the first two changes nothing

Normal Map normal blue output is connected to Diffuse BSDF yellow, which is not correct. This one creates the colours. Blue connector do contain colours. But those RGB values (Reg Green Blue) are used to pass data as X,Y,Z vectors. That’s why you see Green stripes, blue faces and red. It is just the bump map information.

Connect the Normal Map normal blue output to the Diffuse BSDF blue input.

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