Get Your Canvas Ready Text101: Lost in a Maze

Hi to all! :smile:

I continued with my Labyrinth or Maze theme and made an opening story with a first challenge. I am calling it “Lost in a Maze” (and yes it is still inspired on Jim Henson’s movie Labyrinth, starring David Bowie). :zombie:

It’s a very old riddle, but it could be a fun challenge for you guys, so: Who knows the correct answer?

Post your reply and I will answer later! :nerd:

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I think you have one of the most creative looking interfaces here. Your ability to pull the text off level and create that feel of semi-real desktop really plays well to this kind of game. I’d pull the yellow background card down a bit so it feel like a page going off screen, but that could very well be what you wanted. All in all well done!

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