Get Actor Forward Vector not Availble

For reasons unbeknownst to me I was unable to access Get Actor Forward Vector. Earlier on, as a workaround, I grabbed the Control Rotation from the GetPlayer Pawn and use that Rotation X Vector to create the same result as Get Actor Forward Vector. I’m not sure how to proceed without this node. Maybe there is a way to enable Get Actor Forward Vector? or a way to amend my code to facilitate my current predicament? Thanks in advance.

Current UnrealEditor Version: 5.0.3-20979098+++UE5+Release-5.0


Where and how are you searching for that? Is it from dragging off the blue pin from the Spawn Actor node?

rt clicking on the empty space

That would be why, that search is context sensitive. Dragging off the pin it knows what the target is (an actor) and will give you search results for actors. It will also automatically plug it into the target pin

I knew there was something I was missing. Thanks for the solution and clarification.

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