Get A Job Course Launch Offer

This week @Rick_Davidson and I launched our brand-new “How To Get A Job In The Video Game Industry” Course.

We’re offering it for a large launch discount for the next few days. Just use this link…


@Rob on this topic, I wonder if an employment sub-forum is a good plan. Do you notice a lot of people talking about how to get a job on here?

(If the course continues to do well it’ll have it’s own top-level forum anyway)

There has been a little bit, but primarily when people do their introductions. I could see it being of use, especially if it goes hand in hand with the course etc, you could potentially then link from it to here too? (although I don’t know how that arrangement is with yourself and Rick etc, but either or)…

Updated Fri Jan 20 2017 21:04

Top level would be good going forward as you can then have the sub-categories for specific areas (LinkedIn and Personal Branding etc)