Geometry Sweeping won't work

Hi, I’ve followed along with the course, but my SweepSingleByChannel won’t detect anything. I can’t find what’s wrong.

Edit: I keep getting this message from the output in VS Code: “Grabber.cpp” not found in “${workspaceFolder}.vscode\compileCommands_Default.json”. ‘includePath’ from c_cpp_properties.json in folder ‘CryptRaider’ will be used for this file instead.
I’m not sure if that has anything to do with my issue.

Just finished the section and had the same problem. I crashed my game to testing purposes, but maybe your solution will be the same as mine anyways. I re-launched and my grabber component was no longer attached to my BP_Player. Just make sure your grabber component is attached to your BP_Player Camera.

My component is attached to my BP_Player camera. Printing out my camera rotation works fine, but my SweepSingleByChannel just doesn’t detect any actor even though I’m pretty sure I’ve done exactly the same as in the lecture.

I had an issue with this too, my problem was I just forgot to change the collision response to “Block” for the Grabber trace response on the statue.

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Thank you Icobrien, that worked. I completely forgot about that.

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