Geometry nodes practices

Making myself post progress thus far on things. Thanks for your time to view these with me.

I started the Geometry nodes course offered on GameDev maybe two weeks ago now. It’s been very difficult following along. I think this is definitely more a watch first then come back and try to follow along during your second watch.

I made it to chapters 3.11-3.12 at this point below, but feel a bit lost with trying to follow him now. Think I may watch thru the rest of chapter 3 and move on to chapter 4 and see if I am able to pick back up there.

The weekly blender challenges have inspired me to take the opportunity to seek Geometry node lessons on Youtube at the same time I have been working on the course with Gamedev. Ducky3D has been a really awesome teacher and very easy to follow along with (while intermediate, he does move fast for a beginner) for all of his projects. Below are some of the things I’ve made following his videos.

3D Geometry node Text:


Abstract Sci-Fi:


I also have some ideas I’d like to make now using what we taught me and tried creating my own version of the spinning ball-motion graphic. I will probably make a few more for fun. Please see the first one below:


These are all animated and move you can see at the links below each image. I’m excited to learn more with Geometry nodes and I am really hoping I can pick back up on Gamedev’s course as it’s teaching the tools I really want to use from it, though the motion-graphics are a lot of fun to make. With how fast and easy they are to do, and how good they can look, it’s very helpful since I have been struggling to keep up my work.

Let me know what you like best out of what’s been made so far. I really look forward to sharing more in a couple more weeks. I am going back to work, thankfully only part time, so maybe I’ll be inspired to use my off time better for Blender and Gamedev. Have a great day.


I cannot help with those nodes, but all those are great. I hope to be able to start that course soon too (hoping not to burn my laptop with those renders!). As I see it, you have good ideas, and even though learning Blender is the point here, that’s an important point out there too :blush:.


These look excellent! I didn’t realize you had created the text images via geometry nodes :). I just picked up this course. I have previously worked through the shader node course and fount that difficult but very rewarding. I’m hoping the same will be true of this course.


This course and lessons definitely make me feel like I should be more than ready for the shader node course. I think the tools he wants us to be able to use by the end are definitely going to be worth it, I just hope I understand it enough to be able to fully utilize and re-create it with other things.

My problem is remembering everything. I’m working on an underwater scene for the “found under the sea” weekly challenge and I’m having a difficult time remembering all the shader nodes and how they were combined to create some of the lovely shader recipes in the tutorial. So, I’m reviewing the scenes I created during the tutorial and doing a LOT of experimenting. The repetition is helping immensely. But most of the really advanced stuff from the course is completely out of my head. I’m going to have to rewatch and repeat the mud/water shader section to see if it helps solidify these techniques in my wee brain.


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