Generic Rocket Game - AKA Project Boost

Hey everyone!

After finishing Project Boost last month, I took some time to add a few features and make the game my own! There’s still a lot of polish to do and bugs to fix, but I’m happy with what I achieved over the last three weeks on my own.

I wanted the game to be something simple and silly where friends could compete to either:
Challenge Mode: Finish all the levels the fastest
Survival Mode: Dodge debris and collect the most stardust before concluding the level.



I liked the ambience, the use of lights is superb, the music and everything adds to the overall mood, the different modes are a first, haven’t seen that before, you obviously put a lot of effort into it and you did an amazing job overall but there are a lot of improvements to make the game enjoyable, if you want the feedback keep reading.

Perspective: This is one of the most common issues with Boost projects. Because of how the camera is set up is hard for the player to know the exact position of the rocket, it gets time to get used to it, at the start is more of a hit or miss kind of game, that ain’t fun. You’ll have to play with the settings of the camera (like the FOV and physical distance) to make the game more readable.

Survival mode is extremely confusing at first even after reading the instructions. This is because of several issues:

  • The instructions aren’t clear at all, they never describe what the player should truly be doing, they only say stay alive as long as possible, there’s no mention of grabbing shiny things to rank up points.
  • The font you chose for the score is another issue, it would be a lot clearer even without the instructions that you have to collect something, if there’s a score tracker that is not gathering points it means something and the player can figure it out pretty quickly that there’s another condiition other than just surviving, but the 0 looks like a moon, it looks like a decoration, not like a score tracker.
  • The shiny things that give points look more like a menace than something the player should try to collect.

Suggestions on improvements to make the game more fun:

  • Challenge mode: Add infinite lives (just load the same level after dying), but every death adds 30 seconds to the timer, that way players can enjoy all the levels and compare their times, that’s to avoid frustration on certain levels, like the second level, which I think is harder than the third.
  • Survival mode: Remove the winning platform, there’s no need for it, just make it progressively harder as time goes on so the player will eventually die, you can also set a timer, survive for 5 minutes or something.

Great job @KPrimar,

Enjoyed the chilled vibes of this game!