Generated textures on the TRON chessboard

I am slowly beginning to feel like this neon stuff is going a bit out of hand… :open_mouth:

Some electric stuff going on in the black squares, and some circuitry in the white ones…

Setup for the black squares:

Also - animating the “electricity texture” made it quite interesting! :smiley: :smiley:

This was achieved through simply changing the Z location in the Texture Mapping node during the animation. Basically, this would mimic something like cutting off a thin slice of marble for each frame, altering the pattern just a little bit. :)… .or something.


It’s electrifying … lightning. Blender is so much fun!

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Made a high-resolution animation too.


Wow, this is so much fun! Great work.

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:smiley: Thanks!!

Wow, brilliant…

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Very Cool!

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