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Hi folks,

I’m currently enrolled on the new Unity 2D RPG course and loving it so far as it’s well-pitched for where I’m at in my coding journey. (It’s advertised as ‘Beginner Plus’ - i.e. for people who are relatively confident dabbling with Unity but are still pretty far from being C# gurus.)

My question: does anyone have any recommendations for a “Progress Route” through’s Unity courses?

I’ve dipped into the 3D RPG course in the past (which was advertised as ‘Intermediate’) but, for me personally, there was too big a cognitive leap between the beginner stuff I’d been doing in Rick’s courses and the stuff the 3D RPG course was teaching me.

If a “Progress Route” is an impossible ask - which I appreciate it might be - can anyone recommend courses (like Stephen’s 2D RPG course) that hit that ‘Beginner Plus’ sweet spot?

Thanks in anticipation :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi ooh_777,

If you are completely new to unity and c# i would highly recommend starting with our unity bolt course which starts with visual scripting, Then moving into the 2D and 3D completely courses.
This should set you up for the understanding in the 2D RPG course and if not then trying our 3rd person combat course in unity should get you a little closer to your goal.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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