General concern doing S02 as a C++ noob

Hi there,

As I’ve stated in the title, I’m a complete beginner to C++ and I’m concerned about how I’m going through section 2 of the lessons and am wondering if this is normal/okay, or if should I look into other supplementary info.

A bit of a brief background, I’m an artist looking to expand my horizons with some C++ knowledge to use in game development someday. So far, the S02 lessons fly by relatively fast with new terms and techniques being brought in, I feel like I’m kind of getting used to what every new term means the more I use it or am exposed to it. I tried doing the first challenges in the section, then after failing for 10+ minutes, I continued on to see the solution. That was going okay. After attempting a few more of the video challenges, I grew more frustrated with not exactly knowing how to successfully solve them, feeling like I didn’t have all the information to solve it. So I’ve been skipping the challenges altogether and getting the solution to move on with the lesson.

My specific concern is: if I don’t do the challenges on my own and just carry on with the lessons as is, will I not be in a good place at the end of the section compared to other beginners? Is this fine or should I seek other methods of learning?

In the meantime, I’ll trudge along (for lack of a better expression).


They do a really good job of supplying supplemental info on the trickier topics they cover-- Various links etc. I recommend taking a second if you don’t quite understand the topic, to follow them and strengthen your understanding if needed.
is one of my personal favorite sites. Hope this helps and good luck to you!

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Thanks, I’ll give that a try.

Yeah, you really should spend as much time as you need on the challenges. and use as much googling as you need. This is a language, so you need to be able to know how to manipulate it for these challenges so that you can take on bigger challenges. Languages aren’t a linear progression that ends with mastery


Yeah, since then I’ve been taking more time to do the challenges. I guess the ones I was getting frustrated on were tougher for me. I’ll bring up any questions in the Q&A area in the future. Thanks!

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