GDD - Black Ninja Trials

Black Ninja Trials

Black Ninja is a training ground game for the black ninja clan.


To prove your abilities by completing multiple trials consisting of Enemy Ninja, traps and puzzles.
Complete each stage by reaching next gateway (check point); If discovered the gateway will lock until all enemy are eliminated, so be stealthy, or go on a killing spree.


Reaching a check point:

  • Undetected (AI haven’t seen or heard the player);
  • All AI enemies are dead.


  • Unlock the secret door (look for clues).

Enemy can be eliminated using:

  • Environment (Falling, movable objects, gas – yet to be determined);
  • Traps; or
  • Ninja stars.

Other details

  • A player can be discovered by site;
  • Noise will attract Enemy;
  • Explosions will Alert enemy;
  • Environmental kills will NOT Alert enemy;
  • Checkpoints are saved when you enter a new area;
  • When dying, you will re-spawn at checkpoint;
  • You have a limited number of lives; and
  • You are scored on how many areas you survive,
    bonus points for not killing enemy’s,
    or killing by stealth.

Initial Requirements

  1. Animated character model
    With custom animations for (this maybe beyond my abilities)
        • Hiding behind a wall;
        • Throwing items;
        • Peeking corners.
  2. Static meshes for ninja stars
  3. Static meshes for Supply boxes
  4. Static meshes for Traps
  5. Landscape tools
  6. Sounds effects and music

Future Improvements

  • Achievement system
  • co-op play
  • Procedural generation of testing grounds
    (I don’t think this is achievable but happy to be proven wrong)


I will be attempting to develop this game as part of the tutorial. Looking at the end results of others I think I may have taken on too much. It’s early days in the process so lets see what I end up with. At the end it will be interesting to see how close to my Concept I reach.

My additional challenge:
I have (recently) purchased the “Unreal Multiplayer Mastery” course and am struggling to ignore it until I have this course completed.

Kind Regards,

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