GDD Battle Grounds

Testing Grounds GDD

  • Optional entries in italics


  • Pass undetected through grounds
  • If detected must clear grounds of enemies before progressing


  • Scenery
  • Props and Textures
  • Rigged Humanoid Character
  • Gun and projectile meshes
  • SFX

Technical Challenges

  • Procedural generation of Testing Grounds
  • Controlling skeletal animations
  • AI Behavior and awareness
  • Tracking large assets in Git
  • Using light and shadow as a way to hide from AI
  • Stealth kill mechanics and potentially animations
  • AI’s ability to listen
  • Walking over different materials to cause louder or quieter sounds

How the Grounds Spawn

  • Block previous testing grounds with red barrier
  • If AI is alerted, lock player in current grounds until cleared of enemies

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