GDD Alien Invasion Preparation Program

GDD Alien Invasion Preparation Program

Alien Invasion Preparation Program is a game where you take control of a human infantry private on his/her last day of practice. You will fight through Robot AI, disguised as human clones, created by the Aliens to prepare you for war.


  • You are on your last stages of training to become part of the anti-alien infantry.
  • Survive as many areas as possible in the practice program.
  • Force or stealth to pass each area.


  • You can pass an arena through stealth, undetected.
  • If detected, you must clear the arena of aliens.
  • Checkpoints are saved when you enter a new area.
  • When dying, you will respawn at checkpoint.
  • You have 3 lives.
  • You are scored on how many areas you survive and how fast you completed them.
  • You get less score per area if you have lesser lives left. 3x more points for all lives left, 2x more points for 2 lives left.


  • Area landscapes
  • Unreal Starter content + Landscape tools.
  • 2 guns, and two ammo types.
  • A rigged humanoid character with modification possibility‚Äôs.
  • Sfx.

Potential Technical Challenges:

  • Serialisation when saving
  • Checkpoint system architecture
  • Reward system
  • Smooth networking for co-op play
  • Procedural generation of ares
  • Creating a new skeletal animation

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