Gate Breaker: what i got out of Ludum Dare

hey everyone so, i’ve just entered ludum dare 38:
and i actually managed to complete a game in it, this time, i even did all the modelling, and programming too.
it was tough, and i had to cut down all of the music/audio because well, no time, and i can not do it sadly.
but at the very least, i did manage to complete a game from absolute scratch for the first time, without the use of any single asset, it was tough, but a nice diversion from the RPG course we’ve been digging at <3

Gate Breaker:
A Game where you play as a small bug, stuck warped space that can not escape.

she must do her best to defeat the evil guardians that hold the keyword that allow her to open the gate so she can escape.

help this small bug be free.

controls {WASD = Movement and Rotate To mouse position}

Right Control, or Left control, Or Mouse Left Click To Shoot.

Credits: Everything belongs to me GrassWhooper Aka Mo’tasem Zakarneh.

was also made using Unity5.5 and visual studio 2017

you can download it at:

you can also get the source code at:

Enjoy, i hope it is of help to any one. (just a small warning, the code started getting really ugly towards the end, without much modularity. but it has some nice modularity in it at the beginning at least.).

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Well done in taking part in LD!!

And a big congrats for getting a game completed in the time, no mean feat.

Ill get a shot later when i get to laptop. Cheers for sharing too.

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