Garden Guardians

Here is my version of the glitch gardens project, hope you enjoy!

Feel free to leave any feedback or suggestions they are gladly appreciated :slight_smile:

ps: make sure to set volume and difficulty to your liking they both default to 0

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Congratulations on your game :partying_face:

Hi, I played through all the levels and enjoyed the game. I’m going through the same course as you but I haven’t gotten to this section of the course yet.

I say the following only as constructive feedback. Even on the highest difficulty the game is really easy. It’s fun, but easy.

I get that as a tutorial, you might already know that and you’d rather spend that energy fine tuning on your future personal projects. I just wanted to share that feedback with you for those future projects, if this were a game I had downloaded somewhere my only real issue with it is it isn’t challenging enough. The sun plants give too much “money” too quickly.

Everything works well, I didn’t experience any glitches and I enjoyed all 5 levels.

Well done :smiley:

Thank you so much for the feedback FaultyProgeny! I was wondering how the difficulty might come across as I was going through designing the game on account of not knowing my skill due to repetition or game difficulty being out of balance. I really do appreciate the honest feedback since as you mentioned in the future now I know that I should look towards alternative methods for difficulty design which will greatly help me in the future! Thanks for playing it all the way through though and I’m glad you had fun :grin:

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