GameSparks integation with Unreal Engine 4 or Unity

Ever wanted to add Achievements, Log in, Registration, Leaderboards, Multiplayer, or even Microtransactions in your game?

GameSparks is probably one of the most powerful plugins out there, and it can do everything mentioned above in a single API. Better yet, you can register for a free license to up to 100,000 MAU (Monthly Active Users). The only issue is that it has the worst tutorials known to man. If you wanted to learn it, you have two choices with Unreal Engine 4, a fully hand-written C++ version or a Blueprint version that doesn’t have any step-by-step instructions. Just unclear text and images of the Blueprint nodes.

You can check it out here.

I, being an extreme newbie to Unreal Engine 4, couldn’t figure out, along with a friend who builds games at an AAA gaming studio, how to begin the setup process of the GameSparks.

So here I am asking Ben to make a fantastic tutorial we’d all be able to understand for GameSparks.

Course Ideas:

  • A break down step by step tutorial on how to setup an existing and new game with GameSparks.
  • How tutorial on how to do so for Unity as well.
  • Creating images and text for the different menu items you’d be creating for different menu options.

This would literally solve all of the Multiplayer Lesson threads and any others all in one fell swoop.

Feel free to add other Course ideas to this thread and I’ll update it above!


Voted, but only if for Unity.

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