Gameplay Debugger Issue

Hello, I want to ask how do you enable the gameplay debugger tool at Unreal 5 (I’m currently using v5.3.2 and Blueprint). I’ve been pressing apostrophe key but it didn’t show up, i also went ahead go to the editor preferences and i tried to tick on enable gameplay debugger and it still won’t show up.

For debugging the AI? Make sure game is in play and you are pointing the camera at the AI you want to debug before pressing the apostrophe key.

Thank you for the reply, i meant the whole ai debugger thing won’t show up if i pressed the (’) key. but it’s ok now, fixed this by going to project settings > Gameplay Debugger > Set the key binds again because for some reason it won’t recognize the keys I’m inputting. and now it works.

Excellent, I’m glad you were able to work out a solution.

I think something definitely changed in 5.3.2.

I found out you have to be looking at the enemy AI before pressing apostrophe and that menu works, but pressing #4 on numpad doesn’t show any green lines.

Pressing #4 brings up another part of the UI that says “Navgrid” Num Sources: 0

Instead, you have to press numPad #5 to bring up the “Category Perception” menu and the green lines.

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