Gamemaker Studio Professional is currently in a Humble Bundle

Not sure if it’s appropriate to post this here but I think it could be helpful.

Gamemaker Studio Professional is currently and for the next six days available for a “pay what you want” price at the Humble Store. For $15 you also get the packages that allow publishing to Android, iOS, HTML5 and UWP (Windows 10). I assume the basic version is for publishing PC applications.

While I’ve never used Gamemaker, I understand it’s a very novice-friendly platform. It was used to make Hyper Light Drifter (which I’m currently playing and sports some of the best low resolution pixel art I’ve ever seen), as well as Spelunky, Downwell, Undertale and quite a few other high profile indie games.

If, like me, you started this course to learn some skills on the assumption that you’re bound to work out something to use them for, it might be worth picking this up, and seeing how much trouble it is to throw the assets you’re making in this course into an engine and see them come alive.

I’ve experienced that with 3D assets I’ve made and put into Unreal Engine 4, and to me, that moment when things I’ve created out of nothing are transformed into living, breathing pieces of game feels like actual magic.

Apparently the version in this bundle is Gamemaker Studio Professional 1.4, while the latest edition is 2.0. Apparently some people prefer 1.4 to 2.0.

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