GameMaker Studio 2



I was wondering if anyone in the GameDev community really uses GameMaker Studio 2? I have been taking the course that is offered that has a collaboration between GameDev and Ben Anderson, and I have been loving it. I just wanted to know what people’s thoughts where on the engine and the games that are made from the engine.


I will talk for myself, but i don’t really love game maker studio… there is so much better free (or way less expensive ) alternative than GM2. It’s a good 2D engine… but when i see game engine like godot which is even more powerful and free, I can’t see myself using this again.


I feel the same about Game Maker Studio 2. Bought the Standard license, quickly got some nice and basic 2D Scenes running but never really got my teeth into the Game Maker Language. I decided for me that I benefit more from learning a „real“ programming language like C# and C++, therefore I use Unity for 2D. Will definetly Check out Godot though.


Wow! Thank you guys for replying to my post!

@GrossePistache - I know that there are other options out there, and i am still working on trying to learn Godot 3.1 (and beyond!) but I am having a hard time wrapping my head around scenes. Everything is a scene. At least from what I could tell, I have used it a little bit and so I know I need to use it more along with the course that Ben and crew teaches here. What engines do you use?

@Quentara - I know how you feel about wanting to learn “real” programming languages. That is one of the things that originally put me off from using GameMaker Studio 2. I just wanted to use and learn Unity or Godot (when I found out about it a couple months ago) so I did not look at GameMaker. However, I am currently going back to school and finding that I do not have a lot of time to spare. I have a few courses and YouTube channels I watch that teaches GameMaker Studio GML, so I decided to bit the bullet and use this engine. Besides the GameDev courses, what other source of information or educational material do you use to help you lean Unity?

Thank you again for replying to my posts and I want to learn more about what people are using and how I can learn and benefit from that.

Also, why isn’t there a section for GameMaker Studio 2 course since there is a section for everything else?


@butters008 You’re welcome! And thanks for the inspiration, re-installed Game Maker Studio 2 today to give it another shot but without looking at any tutorials to get back into the flow I failed big time in creating something suitable. Maybe I’ll give it another try if I have some more time on my hands.

I mostly stick with the GameDev courses and other courses on Udemy. For me YouTube never really worked out because most of the instructors there are just getting the games together without teaching you how to solve problems by yourself. What I like about the GameDev courses here is that you get introduced to a problem and that there are challenges to encourage you to solve them on your own.

So when I’m not working with the courses I look at cool game concepts from my favorite games and try to recreate them by using the Unity docs and research on the internet. I found out my best way of learning Unity and coding is just to hack away building things. If you have a goal like the games you are building in these courses it is even better.

I whish you all the best for your first steps in GameMaker Studio 2. Hope you keep us updated how your progress is :slight_smile:


@Quentara Thank you! I would say if you are having a hard time figuring out how to use Game Maker Studio 2, I would look up Ben Anderson aka heartbeast. He does some pretty good tutorials on Youtube and has a few courses on Udemy as well. Including this course that is in collab with!

And I understand about sticking to courses on Udemy, I’d say they are some of the best content on the internet. I do have to say though, I am glade I am taking this course and looking stuff up on YouTube because I would not have been able to figure some of these concepts/coding out myself. Also, when you look at your favorite games and recreate them, how do you do it? Just do one concept at a time or try and work out the whole game?

On a very different side note. I am very thankful that I am going back to college while on this journey because I am seeing everything being taught from, YouTube, and college all blending together. I feel like I am becoming a better programmer and will actually get something done!

And don’t worry, sometime in the future I will for sure talk about what I am creating! :slight_smile:


@butters008 Thank you very much for the link to the course! It seems to be private now, was it only open for a limited time? Is the content compareable to the other course Heartbeast offers at Udemy?

I gave the Godot Course with Yann a try and fell in love with Godot. So much power and fast to learn thanks to the GDScript Language. Yann is a very funny guy, too. So if you have some free time between learning GameMaker Studio 2 and College (and if you haven’t done it allready) I can definetly recommend checking it out :slight_smile: Yeah, the scenes concept is hard to grasp at first (kind of Inception - the movie as a game engine :smiley:) but it gets easier with the time.

Great to hear that your courses and college blend together so well! Are your studying computer science or something in a similar direction?

All the best and happy coding :slight_smile:


@Quentara Weird…it must be. Some of the other courses that I have also are not showing up so I guess it must be private or something. I don’t know. Also, I would recommend checking out his YouTube Channel. Some of the stuff he teaches in the course I haven’t seen on his YouTube channel. Although I haven’t seen all his videos I would still recommend it. Also, check out his channel and GDQuest for more Godot 3.0 tutorials. I like them! :slight_smile:

Right now I am studying in Bachelors of Applied Science, Computer Application Development. I am currently learning Python and Java and assuming HTML and JavaScript next semester.


@Quentara - Here is his website for his Game Maker courses. Apparently you have to enter a password that is on his site to get access to the course I posted earlier.


@butters008 Awesome, thank you very much! :grinning: I will definetly check It out! Have a nice weekend :sunglasses::metal: