[GAME] Zodiac - The infinite dream (WebGL_update)

EDIT - I have reuploaded the game as a webGL version, enjoy!

My own take on the choose your own adventure project

Start dreaming here

Wow, Joe. This is wonderful! You put a nice amount of work into this, and it shows. I love the dreamy, surrealist feel of your writing. The background graphics and the “Zodiac” logo really make your game stand out. Did you do those yourself?

Thanks for the feedback! I was afraid the surreal writing might be a bit pretentious haha. Yeah the logo was just a quick thing I did to differentiate my game a bit

Really enjoyed this, Joe. The additions to the background etc really make it stand out.

I definitely enjoyed the story, very calming and interesting. Honestly I can see that story working in a MIST style 3d game. Great job Joe.

Haha yeah, that was my inspiration. Hopefully one day i’ll be equipped to do a 3D game! thanks for the feedback

Thanks! It was a quick solution to make the dull text stand out a bit, I’d love to change the backgrounds to match the text and also add dynamic audio…

Great detail man, the polish with just a simple font and background change really added to the feel.

Well Played!

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