Game Theme

Might start as a fairly common idea within Sci-fi but I have not seen a whole of pop culture that goes this route with it.
Game Theme: Exploring Space
You (have not decided on the name of the character yet) are the first human spacecraft that will attempt to explore the galaxy and figure out what all is out there, whether that is aliens or just another planet that humans could colonize. The twist is that the Earth is currently overrun with rogue AI that was made to fix the damage done to Earth during WWIII. What is left of humanity had to escape into space to survive and began the process of making a giant space station out near the largest of Saturn’s moons, Titan.

After many years of building and experimenting scientists were finally able to create a spacecraft able to visit other systems within the Milky Way. This adventure is done in the hope that humanity will be able to find a permanent residence or find a way to take back the Earth.

This is a game idea I will probably expand on at a later date once I can do it more justice and expand upon the general idea.

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