[Game] Text101 game to share!

Hey guys, here’s my Text101 Game. I added an additional step for using the mirror in the Prison Cell.

Oh, and… here’s the Unity 5 version Text101 WebGL

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Really nice @sfurlani, and thank you for providing a WebGL version also, I really like to have a look and peoples games and respond but quite often they won’t run in the newer browsers.

Really nice, and I believe I saw some extensions from the original in the course, e.g. cleaning the mirror etc.

Couple of minor points. The story doesn’t always flow from the perspective of the text quite as well as it could with a couple of tweaks. For example, I viewed the lock from the cell with a dirty mirror and the text read that I was poking the mirror out of the cell bars… yet I had said I wanted to look at the lock… it’s only when I looked at the lock with the cleaned mirror that I was then actually looking at the lock.

There were two other scenarios I spotted like this, one with the closet, I unlocked it with the hairpin but the story suggested I had almost been transported back to somewhere else, I needed to then choose the closet again. And at that point there was mention of a jump suit which may help fool the guard - what guard? I’d not been up the stairs yet :slight_smile:

These are only minor things that, at worst, may just need a couple more states to tweak the text, but by updating it with those I think your story will really flow nicely.

Enjoyed playing the game and thank you for sharing, comments above are of course meant in a positive and constructive manner :slight_smile:

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