[GAME] Stress

Hi Everyone,

This is a draft of a game I made a while back that I have since expanded on, I would really like to hear what you think:


It’s called Stress. The premise is you are a character trying to go to sleep, but all the things they are stressed about are tormenting them while they are in bed.

All the levels are different topics of stress.

There are 6 different levels (Politics, Boss, Traffic, Pets, Spouse as a male, and Spouse as a female)

There is a character select screen between a male and female character, however most of the game only exist on the male side as of now so I could make a smaller build.

The female character does have her own level in this build, but in the final version both characters will have all the levels.



I frickin’ love the idea, it’s awesome! The only thing that I find irritating is that there is no clear visual impact when I hit a stress cloud. If it was a bit transparent or lit up every time it got hit, then it would feel much better, but I love your minigames though :slight_smile:

Thank you for playing it! I appreciate the feedback, I agree adding some animation will definitely give the game some more life. I plan to add more stuff like that in the next version.

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