[Game] Space Fight

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It seem WebGL runs horribly on my game or it just caps itself to a lower FPS than Unity’s version it plays.
It’s quite obvious I didn’t go too far from the course’s but I feel somewhat proud of what I’ve done. I didn’t add the fix for the spacebar spamming issue but oh well.
I was planning on it ending up being more of a bullet-h*** game with upgrades and bosses and all that and might’ve made it more like one but I feel satisfied with this for now along with I’ve been having sleep troubles this week.


  • Three weapons to choose from
  • Three enemies
  • Three different songs
  • Lives system (to replace the health system)
  • Different respawn timers per enemy
  • Mediocre sound effects
  • Sprites I made (two ships were based off of ships from the game FTL: Faster than Light)
  • Momentary invincibility when you lose a life

Controls are the same as in the section’s.

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