[GAME] Space Defender - First time posting update on my first game!

Hello everyone! I’ve been learning a LOT with this course (and surprisingly also fast), and the progress is so satisfying. I’d like to share my version of the Space Defender, called Battlebelt, and hope to get your feedback!

Actually not my first game, since I also followed the Text101 and Brick Breaker sections of the course, but still the one that I actually feel like I should share.

I am only posting a video this time, since I’m still implementing some new stuff. If you want I could update this with a webGL version.

Youtube Link

Let me know what you think, and thanks in advance!


Looks good so far. I really like the freedom of movement you gave the player ship. I’d like to play it when it’s ready.

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Hello! Thanks for your feedback.
I feel like I have to move on with the course, so I decided to upload it the way it is, after implementing some new features in the past days.
I’m glad you have interest on playing it. Here’s the link:

Hope you have fun! You might also need to zoom your browser out a little bit, since it’s 1920x1080.

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Nice job with the sounds and animations everything fits quite nicely.
I scored 18750, but to be honest I took way too many risks flying in between the enemies haha.
Since I could move, and I was curious, I to tried to hit an enemy with my ship to see if it would kill me. It could be an cool detail to have.


Thanks a lot! Hahaha, yeah that might be a good addition, haven’t thought about it!
It gets pretty challenging from Wave 10 and on. My best was when I reached the 16th, but I was very focused.
Nice to have some feedback. Cheers, glad you enjoyed.

I went ahead and implemented the collision between player and enemy ships, which implodes both and terminates the game (I just had too, haha). Works like a charm, thanks for the input!

I just tried it out and scored 46500 now this time. Naturally I tried to suicide again to check it out. Well done with the explosion particle system. I’m trying to create one of those naval flares that have a dense colorful smoke that slowly dissipates. However I didn’t reach the effect that I want yet. I want to use it in my ZombieRunner project ( the lesson of the course I’m in at the moment )

Hey, just tried it out and scored about 78000. The movement and shooting felt really good; had some very cool moments dodging and weaving around enemy fire. Only issue that came to mind was the enemy explosions not being loud enough to satisfy, but’s that’s minor. I definitely know how it feels to want to move on because it’s too easy to lose track and endlessly tweak. Good luck with the rest of the course.

I like your version of Laser Defender :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

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