[GAME] Shut down the reactor in REACTOR BREACH!

Let me know what you think!

Play the game here!



I played your game and I love the text formatting! It really gets the player involved. I also think that your story is very creative. Great job.

Thank you so much! I am going to play “Basement” when I get home from work - I don’t have Firefox at work :frowning:

I really appreciate the fact that you took the time to play my game! :smile:


Thank you! :blush:

It’s simple compared to your game, but I’d still love to know how it comes off to other people. Constructive criticism and feedback welcome.

Have a great day!

Your game is really amazing.The story that you composed is really creative.I liked your game very much.

That was fun. Good job.

Side note:

If you press the green button and then try to press the rd button when in the reactor nothing happens

Thank you! Was looking for feedback. I will fix that in a future release! :slight_smile:

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