[GAME] Project Deep Space - exe build on itch.io

Hi all,
this is my variation on Laser defender
https://sczot.itch.io/project-deep-space (downloadable exe build, WebGL build takes forever)

Back after some time, I did not had time for this because real life steped in :smiley:

To discover everything implemented you have to survive ±140 seconds.

Things that work:

  1. Player health bar
  2. Upgrade shop (still a lot of work to do, but system is working)
  3. Two enemy ship types with diferent types of attack
  4. Asteroid storm
  5. It’s endless side scroler
  6. webGL build
  7. first miniboss type
  8. energy shield
  9. game saves your progres (money + upgrades)
  10. Story and survival modes
  11. final boss on first (and now only) level
  12. I’ve started with ingame tutorial

TO DO - in randomly selected order

  1. upgrade Upgrade shop - a lot have been done, but a lot of is still ahead
  2. add achievemnts for real
  3. add enemy types, player ships - Final Boss added, but I still want a lot more enemy types

hope anyone will enjoy this pre-alpha :wink: state of game
any feedback will be greatly apriciated

thanks guys

I had fun playing this :slight_smile:
It looks cool visually and I’m liking the music too.

The upgrades is a good idea, maybe it should be at the beginning or the end of every level? That’s just personal preference though. One thing that could improve is the default laser - I noticed that you cannot do repetitive firing by tapping the space bar, which would be cool.

Good effort, look forward to seeing the final version!


still balancing this. there will be ingame tutorial and survival will be opened after some levels in story mode, maybe in story mode acces to shop will be limited, like reaching som kind of shoping station in space (checkpoint system maybe)
Also final version of upgrade window will be totally diferent, but as I’m totaly new to this gamedev stuff, it’s pretty surprising how much work is needed to be done even for some simple project like this one…

By this you mean that only one laser gun is active when you tap space?
I think this is really good point, will work on it!

Thank you

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upgraded upgrade system - still not very user friendly

  • miniboss - totally not user friendly (I’ve beaten him once)

Big update

New resource added - Energy
It’s needed for your weapons to work and it’s powering your brand new Energy shield
Energy Shield absorbs energetic projectiles from enemies (will NOT stop asteroids, rockets and enemy ship from damaging you)
Once you drain your Energy pool you can’t shoot and your Energy shield is down.
You can start shooting again imediatly after you restore some energy (automatic increase), but you have to save some amount of energy to restart your shield (approx 1/3 of total amount)

Have fun

(Next big TODO is UI rework, mainly Upgrade Shop)

Upgraded upgrade shop, now it’s useable even for someone who don’t know how it should work.

Game automaticly saves your progres (PlayerPrefs)

added new upgrade tab with energy shield upgrades

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I’m really liking it so far. I think you’ve got some talent behind it and just keep after it! My only concern is that sometimes the enemies and homing bombs ( the red glows ) seem to move really slow and they start to take up the whole screen xD Other than that maybe a few UI tweaks and it’s all gravy.

I really like the energy bar you’ve implemented

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Thank you
Do I uderstand it right that you are pointing on how the screen becomes overpopulated?
You know there is still a lot of to do, and once it will be done player will engage survival mode after Story (or some part of it) will be done, so you will have somehow upgraded ship and survival is Endgame mode :smiley:
And yeah UI is pain, but i don’t know how to do it right on first try, so I’m just improving it by try&fail cycle (first version on upgrade shop was absolutely unusable for anyone but me :smiley:)
Energy adds some tactical spicing to mix, and it will be more important as I’ll add more to game.

Thank you for feedback one more time

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Awesome! Well I’m following your thread so definitely post here if updates become available if you dont dont mind. I’d like to check out how it develops!

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Jeez, I’ve never make it so far in BUILDED game before, it was bug, it is solved now

Story vs Survival (survival is opened after story is completed)
Final boss (somehow proud of it - really hard to beat)

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