Game Physics Part 2 - Unity3D

A second part to the " Game Physics - Introducing Gravitation & Rotation in Unity", with deeper explanations and further physics lessons.

Ben teaches both subjects, physics and Unity, so exceptionally well and is so knowledgeable about them; there aren’t better teaching lessons online than Ben’s; and those lessons are such powerful tools for game dev that Ben’s thoughts and teachings on this are invaluable.

Or, a “Math & Physics Unity3D Complete Course” with deeper, heavier content. It is very hard to find good material, especially updated and on video, about deeper lessons on those. It is much easier to find more superficial, beginner, lessons - there are a lot. I don’t think there are better CS/Physics/Didactics on that than Ben. So, Ben is the man for this! (:

The Complete Game Physicist. :slight_smile:

I’m really all for this, so long as the emphasis is still on games and how to calculate & simulate physics within games.

I strongly support this idea. It is difficult to find better game physics course than Ben’s, so why not continue to make it much better? I suggest to add some new topics like water simulation (ocean, river), vehicle simulation, cloth simulation, softbody, structure integrity and etc.

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