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When I import the MouseOrbit2 script and try to drag it the the main camera It just won’t let me, probably because It’s a JS script. I am using unity 2022.3.16f1.

Yes. Unity has not supported javascript for a while now. Not sure which course this is, but it appears to be extremely outdated

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Hi Aiden1914,

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If this is Ben Tristem’s Game Physics course, @bixarrio is right: That course is already a couple of years old. From what I see on Udemy, it hasn’t been updated since January 2019.

However, if I remember correctly, Ben uses C#, not JS, so I’m wondering if you are enrolled in another course.

This is the Unity subforum, by the way. I’m mentioning it because threads occasionally appear in the wrong subforum.

Thanks @Nina, I thought it was wrong, too, but the OP did mention that they are using Unity

Ah, you are right. I read that but immediately forgot it. D:

It’s more than 2 years old. I think I did this in 2017 - just checked and pretty sure I did it in Unity 2017.2. It didn’t use JS as far as I remember but there’s a couple of scripts that were JS files. The rest is C# but it is old and uses Unity 4.6 I think and MonoDevelop.

So much fun and a blast from the past too.
Hope this helps.

EDIT: Reviews are dating back at least 8 years and Unity 4.6 was released in 2013. I think this was released after the original Unity course which used a combination of Unity 4 for 2D and 5 for 3D (which was released int 2015)

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