Game Packaging and Quality

Hi, so I just had a quick question regarding making an executable file for my game. I had three:

1: when packaging the game will it render out at the highest graphical settings by default?
2: How do I change the graphical settings of the packaged game?
3: Can I package the game for MacOS through a windows machine

1 & 2. All in the project settings
3. No, with C++ you need to compile it on the platform you’re targeting. You could probably do that with a blueprint only project, I’m not certain about that though


great thank you,

can u tell me where in the project settings I can control this, the only thing I found was target hardware which already has everything on scalable. But when I try to run the game its still looks at high settings and is pretty laggy unlike the editor

Sorry I just meant the rendering et al. options in the project settings. Not just the target specfic section.
They’ll be saved in .ini files inside the Config folder.