Game not restarting

I have followed the instruction given in course video 28(custom box trigger blueprint ) but the game is not restarting like it is supposed to , I have attatched the blueprint below


You need to change the Overlapped Component to Other Actor on the On Component Begin Overlap Event. You want to compare 2 Actors because Pawn is an Actor derived class.

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thank you, very much

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I was happy to help you
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whick box??

just under the solution post beside the heart. When we do that the solution is quote under the first post.

This website is often in the 3 first results in google and it is always easier to find a solution when we do not have to read! I found it really helpful!

I am having the same issue with it not restarting, I’ve rebuilt the code and the pawn several times and ensured it matches to the video. I researched some alternative reasons too to no success. Could I be stuck in a loop? the “Open Level by name” does indicate the target it gameplay statistics instead of the level though and I’m not 100% how to resolve that.

Character rolls off the edge and falls forever.

Saved the level and everything multiple times

Restarted Unreal.

Not sure what to do?

I noticed the first screenshot shows get current level isn’t connected to open level- I have ensured that it is before creating this post- the image was supposed to be replaced but I forgot to. I assure everyone that everything is connected like in the second screenshot for those two nodes.

I was able to resolve this by entering the player pawn blueprints- selecting the static mesh, and changing it from a physics actor to a pawn in collision. After saving and compiling it works perfectly!

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