Game Networking - how to host your own game and player hosted server support


This course could take time to setup as it involves so much. But i think it would be a vital part of game development and after searching Udemy the only course i found that covered this topic was utter garbage. If this already is a course I haven’t been able to find it. What i was thinking was instruction of the following:

  • how to host your own games (renting servers, setting up the server .exe file, remote managment, etc.)
  • how to setup your game so you can have player hosted servers through services like (such as how ARK servers or ARMA III servers are done)
  • LAN Hosting
  • and client hosting
    and Finally
  • How to setup your code so it supports multiplayer interaction (actually this might be on top).


Yes that’s a great idea I already thought about as well. It comes with a lot of different network related aspects, also regarding network connection to the server and especially interpolation and synchronization between all the players. Also where and how to host an own server was a question that popped into my head recently as I know where to put my websites on, but game servers? No clue anymore as my time of my own cs1.6 server is far away history =) I’d definitely buy this asap =)