[Game] My Number Wizard UI

Hi everyone,

Here is my number wizard project. I had a lot of inspiration from the many cool projects I saw on the forum, and really enjoyed working on it. I hope you’ll like it to, any feedback or comment is welcome! :slight_smile:

Number Wizard UI


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Hi Ian,

I have to say I think this is one of the best versions of Number Wizard I have seen! Well done!

Background image, player input, configurable number range, audio - excellent additional features.

What I liked most of all though, and what came as a nice surprise, was the switch in turns - that was very unique.

Well done on taking the standard course game and really making it your own! :slight_smile:

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Hi Rob,

Thank you very much for trying my game! I am really happy you enjoyed it, it means a lot to me. The course and the forum are inspiring indeed! :slight_smile:

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Great job Ian :clap: - would be mind if we shared this on social media?

All the best,
Part of the GameDev.tv team

(Thanks for bringing this to our attention @Rob :+1:)


Hi Lucy,

Thank you very much for your message! I would be very happy that you shared it on social media, no problem! :slight_smile:


Thanks Ian, it’ll go out on our Twitter feed over the weekend :slight_smile:


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