[Game] My Ludicrous Block Breaker Game: Ace Brickbuster and the Space Alien Attack!

Hello everyone!

PREAMBLE WARNING: this game is huge and takes a long time (like 2-3 minutes) to load in my web browser from my server (using a very fast connection). Please be patient.

TL;DR: Play my block breaker game Ace Brickbuster and the Space Alien Attack here: http://www.digifi.ca/games/acebb/

Assignment Backstory: I started this course just about two years ago, and was 80% done my block breaker assignment when my fourth daughter was born. Life got really busy and complicated and I had to put this course on hold but I’ve never forgotten about it and have finally come back to finish my assignment and continue this amazing course!

About the Game: My game is called “Ace Brickbuster and the Space Alien Attack”. You play our hero, teen-aged super spy and basketball star Ace Brickbuster as he flies the USS Lateral to launch his enchanted basketballs against an alien ship that spits out very scary-looking bricks! Journey from Jupiter to Earth as the fate of our world hangs in the balance!

I like to push myself well beyond the parameters of these assignments to better learn Unity and to make the game more fun (and funny, as the amount of effort I put into this game was ridiculous), thus it boasts the following features:

  • A title screen with 3D animated objects
  • Cutscenes between the levels to introduce a pointless and convoluted backstory to a game about breaking bricks (inspired by/ripped off from Metal Gear Solid). You can skip cutscenes by clicking or hitting space when they start
  • 4 waves of 3 levels each, plus a final “boss” stage (13 stages in total) of increasing difficulty
  • A “Continue” feature for when you lose, which starts you off at the first level of the wave you were last in.
  • Cheat codes for all you cheaters (see below for details)
  • Dynamic loading of levels in a single stage (using data files that describe the level)
  • A variety of brick types (which are revealed as the game progresses):
  • 4 strengths of breakable bricks (pink, green, blue, yellow)
  • An unbreakable brick type (Impervium)
  • An explosive (bomb) brick type that destroys/damages surrounding bricks
  • A gun brick (whose weapons fire temporarily freezes your paddle)
  • A “power” brick (which powers any gun bricks it touches)
  • A variety of powerups that are randomly distributed through the bricks each time a level is started. Not all powers as helpful as others, though:
  • Power Ball – Temporarily doubles the strength of your ball (and adds a cool sparkle trail to your ball!)
  • One Up – Adds an additional life
  • Big Platform – Temporarily increases the width of your platform
  • Small Platform – Temporarily decreases the width of your platform
  • Reverso – Temporarily invert the movements of the platform
  • Multi-Ball – Spawns two balls for every ball on the screen (up to a maximum of 10 balls simultaneously!)
  • Slow Ball – Temporarily slows down your ball
  • Fast Ball – Temporarily speeds up your ball
  • A random level generator, which randomly creates and overlays boxes, lines, and sine wave patterns of blocks to produce unique and challenging levels
  • A level editor where you can design your own level and share it with the world
  • A community level browser where you can play levels that have been created by other people
  • A high score tracker
  • A credits page (my very artistic daughter helped with the artwork and a buddy helped me track down some sound effects)

Cheat Codes (in case the game gets too boring):

  • N – Change background music
  • L – Skip to next level
  • A – Toggle Autoplay feature (the paddle will follow the mouse)

Note that I don’t have good audio equipment and I’m not an artist, so sorry it’s not game studio quality.

Please enjoy this game and let me know what you think! If you have any problems, or curious about how I achieved some of this stuff, please ask away.

Thank you to Ben for this amazing course and site!

All the best,



Hello there!

I played much longer than I was intending to, which is a good sign! I gave up at 3-1.

MGS style codec, really cool
All the bonuses / penalties
The music and sound effects

The level preparation is a bit too long
No ball control with the paddle which means sometime we can get stuck in a loop, or wait for a long time for the ball to reach the last brick

Anyhow that’s a very cool game :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the feedback, @Giyomu_Games! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

I finished it before I watched the chamfer video. I may come back to it and chamfer the paddle but I agree with you about the gameplay. :slight_smile:

Good game. It was fun to play.

That “Reverso” is evil. Lost 2 lives in quick succession because of it!

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Great work Clayton–I really enjoyed the extra efforts and work you put into it. I like the design choices and honestly think the art and sound work just fine :). Good stuff and you inspire me to keep plugging away on mine. For the ball control you can skip the chamfer and keep your paddle shape if you want. I got the same effect looking at where the ball hits the paddle and making the reaction based on that. IE–closer to the middle is more up and down and on each side it pushes the ball more in that direction. I hope you keep sharing and going at it, I had fun with it and am inspired!

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Hey @jason_williams , thank you so much for the wonderful feedback! It really made my day!

After I posted Ace Brickbuster I got pulled into a huge side project which has prevented me from continuing in the course, but I’m hoping to get back in to it someday!

I like your advice about maintaining the flat paddle and changing the angle of reflection based on proximity to the center. I have to research how to do that and update the game.

I adapted this guys approach to get my paddle reaction and have been happy with it. :stuck_out_tongue:


I really do hope you get back to it or at least making games on your own as a hobby. You went out and added so much to your version of the course project so the “love of it” is very visible to me. Gentle nudge from an early fan and hope to see other projects shared!

This is just awesome. I loved the MGS codec narrative. Then you went a whole extra mile and built out a level builder for some UGC. NICE!!!

It’s awesome to see what fellow students are building and this is nothing short of inspirational.

Hi, @jason_williams, I checked out that link and I just updated Ace Brickbuster so that the paddle follows those physics. I think it’s much more enjoyable to play now. Try it out and let me know what you think!

Thanks again for the suggestion!

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