[Game] My BlockBreaker - WIth score, lives and ball-speed corrections

Play it here:


I added a text box for lives with a script behind it containing a static variable, and a method to decrease the lives which gets called from the losecollider. If there are lives left, it simply sets the HasStarted on the ball flag back to false (via a new setHasStarted method on the ball).

I also had problems with the ball slowing down drastically… I think as a result of certain collisions on corners of blocks… Wasn’t sure how to handle this with the unity physics engine, so added code in ball.cs to set the velocity to 7 if it dropped below that number. Seemed to work quite well.

When my son comes back from Uni, I’ll ask him to do some new sounds - he’s good with that stuff.

Hope you enjoy.

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I actually enjoyed it and played it through. Well done.
The score wasn’t displayed at the winscreen, that would have been a nice addition.
Also Ben was right when he said a score is pointless, if the outcome is always the same on a playthrough.
That approach would need some variation (drops to catch for points for example, bonusscore for staying alive at the end of a level or something like that.) .
Nice music and pleasant background selection as well!

Thumps up :+1::smile:

Wow! Thanks for the comments!

Hehe, yes, I forgot about the score on win, it was something I meant to go back to.

I didn’t totally agree with the idea of a score being pointless… I mean yes, if the game is easily beatable - but if more levels are added, then it can be a good way to keep a score of how far you progress before its game-over.

I’d like to come back at some point and add more scoring options, perhaps some kind of bonus bricks etc… But I think I’ll be progressing with the other projects first to see how much more I can learn.

Again, thanks for the positive comments!

I liked it, the sound effects were funny, I liked the shape that you put the blocks in.

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