[Game] My attempt at Number Wizard UI

Hi all!

This is my attempt at the Number Wizard UI, with a few of my own tweaks. I decided to use images for the buttons, rather than text boxes. I used Textcraft.net for the button/title graphics. The font was Computerfont found on dafont.com.

Without further ado, here is Number Wizard.


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i’m not a fan of the number font. 4 and 9 are almost identical making it hard to know which is which. I do love the main menu theme though.

I’ve also found a bug that I hadn’t realised in my version as well. A guess of higher only sets the minimum value in the random function to be the guess which means that it can guess the same value a second time. So on a higher option of 998 it can guess 998, 999 or 1000 when really there’s only 999 and 1000 that it can be.

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Thank you for the feedback!

You are absolutely spot on about the font; I cannot believe I didn’t pick up on the 4 and 9 being so similar before. I changed the font to this Robo font I found. It’s a lot more readable, but still has a cool computer/robotic look I was aiming for.

Regarding the guessing bug: I noticed that as well, but wasn’t sure about how to fix that. Is that because Random.Range is inclusive with the low number (our min)? Would changing the code from guess = Random.Range(min,max) to guess = Random.Range(min + 1,max) solve the problem?

Thanks again for the feedback!

I think in the GuessHigher method instead of min = guess; we should have min = guess+1; we wouldn’t want to change the nextGuess method as this is called when we’re guessing lower too otherwise we would miss 1,2 etc as more guesses ramp up. Similarly in the GuessLower method we likely want to have max=guess-1; since the highest that the guess can now be is 1 lower than the guess(unless the user is cheating of course).

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