Game is Broken, Loop won't play:

So, I’m in the middle of lecture 28, I just put “MyCurrentTry” and “MyMaxTries” into the constructor, and I’ve taken out the values from the header file. My code was working as usual before I did this, but I compile afterwards, and instead of taking me through the loop to get my guesses, it says the welcome statement, then immediately says: “Want to Play Again?”

So here’s my code:


#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include "FBullCowGame.h"

FBullCowGame BCGame; // instantiate a new game

void PrintIntro();
void PlayGame();
std::string GetGuess();
bool PlayAgain();

int main() {

	do {


	} while (PlayAgain());
	std::cout << std::endl;
	return 0;


//introduce the game
void PrintIntro() {

	constexpr int WORD_LENGTH = 5;
	std::cout << "Welcome to Bulls and Cows, a fun word game.\n";
	std::cout << "Can you guess the ";
	std::cout << WORD_LENGTH;
	std::cout << " letter isogram I'm thinking of?\n\n";


//get a guess from the player
std::string GetGuess() {

	std::cout << "Try " << BCGame.GetCurrentTry() << ". Enter your guess here:  ";
	std::string Guess = "";
	std::getline(std::cin, Guess);
	return Guess;


//Play the game
void PlayGame() {

	int MaxTries = BCGame.GetMaxTries();

	//loop for number of turns/guesses
	for (int count = 1; count <= MaxTries; count++) {
		std::cout << "Your guess was:  " << GetGuess() << std::endl << std::endl;



bool PlayAgain() {

	std::cout << "Do you want to play again?  ";
	std::string Response = "";
	std::getline(std::cin, Response);
	return (Response[0] == 'y') || (Response[0] == 'Y');
	std::cout << std::endl;



#include "FBullCowGame.h"

	int MyCurrentTry = 1;
	int MyMaxTries = 5;

void FBullCowGame::Reset() {



int FBullCowGame::GetMaxTries() const { return MyMaxTries; }

int FBullCowGame::CheckGuessValidity(std::string) const {
	return 0;


int FBullCowGame::GetCurrentTry() const { return MyCurrentTry; }

bool FBullCowGame::IsWon() const {

	return false;



#pragma once
#include <string>

class FBullCowGame {

	FBullCowGame(); //constructor

	void Reset(); // TODO make a more rich return value

	int GetMaxTries() const;
	int CheckGuessValidity(std::string) const;  // TODO make a more rich return value
	int GetCurrentTry() const;
	bool IsWon() const;

	//initialized in constructor
	int MyCurrentTry;
	int MyMaxTries;



Edit: Nevermind, I figured it out. I accidentally kept the “int” when I moved the values from header to Constructor, and something broke it when trying to re-declare those variables.

Well done figuring it out Aidan, and thanks for letting us know.