[GAME] Hobbit- Riddles in the dark

Please write if it worked. Thank you :slight_smile:
Try it!
WebGL version


I just tried the webGL version, it works just fine! There was only one riddle which seemed strang. It’ s the riddle about the wind. The proposals I got were:

B) Give up
C) Wind

I suppose A was suppose to be a proposal, probably a typo in the code.

Cool idea to adapt the Hobbit into a text adventure ! The fonts and background picture really make a nice effect. Looking forward to the updated version with the possibility to enter our own answers! :wink: Are you planning on doing different endings than the one from the book?

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Thanks for your response. I am planning to make the game more complex, with more endings and custom answers, and probably a possibility to enter your own riddles, but at first i need to gain som more experience with Unity.

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