[Game] Escape Supremea Dystopian Game

Here’s the link to the game that I made! Hope you like it :slight_smile: https://www.sharemygame.com/share/8677d62b-7b3a-4f18-a170-5dae09a58c33

Interesting take on terminal hacker. To be honest I had a hard time reading the text, and I didn’t really find the objective super compelling. Maybe instead of just “joining a protest” the main character does something a little more risky, like he has some secret files or something as a cliched example. Also that level of detail could help you flesh out why this dystonian government is so bad in the first place.

Still, love the adventure game direction you took this in.

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Thx for your feedback! I will take note for when I make my next game :slight_smile:

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