[GAME] Eraser

Hello everyone.

I am presenting initial version of my game.
This is a raw concept so far, and I am planning to add some functionality and levels

Sin nombre

Sin nombre2

I would appreciate any ideas or suggestions.
Thank you.

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Very original concept, but very dificult to play. The distanxe between the blocks and the paddle is to short in my opinion. Maybe scale down the blocks and ball and reduce ballspeed?

Hey Belgowulf

At first the speed of the ball was slower, but during the game, when there were few blocks left, game started to get boring because you had to wait for the ball to fly around until it hits the blocks. I’ll see if i can come up with something to solve this issue.
As for the distance, you are right. Only last level probably will be with a small distance between ball and blocks at the begining.

Thanks a lot for your feedback!

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